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Beach Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
  Hey!  Weddings Can Be Fun!
 Join me as we work together to create a special ceremony that has some fun elements!
Many couples believe that their ceremony has to be traditional and boring..not so! 
Let me show you how we can create something that will be uplifting, fun and energised.  Together we will create a ceremony that will tell your family and friends about your loving commitment in a warm and joyous manner.
Diane likes to make it simple for hercouples by sending them a bridal package with everything that they need to know before we meet, then they have time to absorb all the information. A personal address system will ensure that your guests hear every word of the ceremony.
Rehearsals are a good idea because a brief run through allows the bridal party to understand what is required of them on the day. 
Wedding Day Hints & Tips
Central Coast Wedding Ceremony
When choosing your venue for your Wedding Ceremony think about access for cars and family members...and safe areas for young children.  If guests have to drive a long distance consider giving them a 30 minute lead time. 
Will you have any special instructions for guests following ceremony?
Grooms: Might want to Lose the vests in summer...just too hot when worn outdoors.....don't forget the pin for your flower... and mints for your breath....comfortable shoes a must.
Brides: Don't spoil your day with uncomfortable shoes... practice walking in your gown... no long hems for outdoors...avoid yellow flowers in summer (bees). 
Don't forget to eat. 
Consider your guests if having ceremony outdoors:
A few bottles of water and folding chairs for the elderly.  
Marriage Legal Requirements
Ceremony Wedding Document
Never validly married before: Birth Certificate, if born overseas;
Birth Certificate and passport are required.
Divorced: Birth Certificate, Decree Absolute (divorce papers); if born overseas, birth certificate and passport are required.
Widow/Widower: Birth Certificate, Death Certificate of spouse; if born overseas,birth certificate and passport are required.
You can obtain a Notice of Intended Marriage from me or go to the website of http//
Documents written in a foreign language will need to be translated into English.