Circle Of Life Ceremonies - We are all interconnected as we travel the circle of life!
Central Coast Funeral Ceremony
Civil Funeral Ceremony
Saying' Goodbye' is difficult when you lose that special someone.  You want a Celebrant who will take the time to listen to you.
Diane Cunningham is an experienced Funeral Celebrant who is local. Diane will offer you a personal service that reflects your loved one's life, beliefs and connection to family and friends. 
Funeral services that Diane creates are more often filled with life reflections and stories that offer hope, love and forgiveness, they do not need to be sombre occasions, sometimes there is laughter amongst the tears.
Diane will be available to family and friends from the time she consults with you until the day of the funeral service.
Celebration of Life
There are times when we want to say goodbye or celebrate a loved one's life while they are still with us.  A living funeral is one which celebrates the life of a person suffering a terminal illness.  It's an opportunity to invite family members and friends to a wonderful celebration filled with love and warmth.  Diane will offer a heartfelt ceremony filled with special words and elements that are touching and meaningful to everyone involved.
Circle of Life Ceremonies
"Far beyond where winds have blown, waking into realms unknown
Foosteps free of space and time, silent thunder, holy mind
In the heart a song of peace and mercy calling me back home"
Michael Stillwater...The Welcoming