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Baby Naming Ceremony
Baby Naming Ceremony
Hello, I'm new to the family...please come to my party to celebrate my
Naming Day
Many families want to introduce their newest addition to the family by way of a party and a Naming Day Ceremony.  It is a great opportunity to bring family and friends together to remind us all of our connection to each other.
A Naming Day is full of ritual and ceremony, candles and food, jumping castles, family and friends.  Most important it is a way to introduce the godparents who we know love our children almost as much as we do. 
Godparents/Mentors play an important role in the lives of our chldren because they will offer love and guidance if for some reason we cannot be there. Sometimes they might simply send a card with a few dollars in it on the child's birthday or at Xmas.  That's is still a connection that the child will treasure. 
Baby Naming Ceremony
When he held my finger so tightly I knew I would love him forever!